Friday, 29 August 2014

NXT Review 29/08

Last week on NXT, Triple H had teased us all about a new NXT General Manager being named on this week's show.

And the new NXT General Manager is...

William Regal!

Regal was busy right from the get-go with the announcement of the main event for the upcoming NXT Takeover next month.

He was interrupted first by Tyson Kidd. Then by Tyler Breeze and finally by Sami Zayn. All claiming that they are worthy of a shot at the NXT Championship at Takeover.
Step forward reigning NXT Champion Adrian Neville to announce that he didn't want to face any of them at Takeover...

...he wants to face ALL of them at Takeover.  

Next up, it was Bayley vs Sasha Banks in singles action.

Bayley picked up the win - But her celebrations were cut short by the NXT Woman's Champion, Charlotte;

The main event of the evening was Tyson Kidd & Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn & NXT Champ Adrian Neville.

After a hard fought bout, Tyson Kidd pinned Adrian Neville to pick up the victory.
But it was Sami Zayn who had the last laugh, as he was the last man left standing to have a hold of the NXT title belt.


Whilst there is no doubting the wrestling abilities of the NXT main eventers, I seriously think the pack needs to be shuffled sooner rather than later.
Every week you can guarantee the main event on NXT will be contested between Breeze, Zayn, Neville or Kidd. The only one of those who REALLY excites me is Neville (Zayn at a push).
Surely now is the time to bring through some of the excellent new signings the WWE has made to NXT.
Waiting in the wings to steal the show are the likes of Kenta, Prince Devitt and most impressively Kevin Steen.

Now is the time to let them loose on NXT! 

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