Tuesday, 12 August 2014

RAW Rundown 11/08

If you missed last night's RAW, or you just fancy watching the highlights all over again, here are the best bits from last night's show;

Paul Heyman and his client Brock Lesnar opened the show. With Lesnar sporting a new, modified version of his trademark vest;

Heyman once again reiterated that Cena is in for the "beating of a lifetime" at SummerSlam on Sunday.

We can only assume that Lesnar has very sensitive vocal chords or a very small vocabulary. Heyman certainly suffers from no such problem.

Roman Reigns then faced the world's most boring tag team Rybaxel, as per the orders of corporate Kane.

Rybaxel were disqualified. Reigns picked up the win and then proceeded to go through his usual routine against both members of Rybaxel. Superman Punch, Spear etc...You know it by now!

Mr. Money In The Bank Seth Rollins took on Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam. Rollins predictably picked up the victory with a vicious Kerb-Stomp.

However on his way back up the ramp, there was a little surprise lurking for poor old Seth; 

In an ever so slightly ridiculous angle, Stephanie McMahon revealed that Daniel Bryan has been having an "Affair" with his Physical Therapist. CRINGE.

The whole angle was made worth it however, due to the facial expressions of Steph when Brie Bella put her in the 'Yes Lock'. Enjoy;

Sticking with the ladies for the time being - "She can't wrestle" but Eva Marie managed to pick up a surprise win over Divas Champ AJ Lee - With a little help from crazy Paige;

Regardless of what you think of John Cena, I think we can all admit his promos of late have been brilliant. This one was no different;

Then, following on from the ridiculous Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella/Physical Therapist love triangle, Brie Bella got herself arrested for the 'assault' earlier in the evening.

Haven't we been here before?

For the record - We'd also add a charge of 'Crimes against acting' to the Brie Bella charge-sheet.

After all that nonsense, it was time for the WWE superstars to gather at the top of the ramp to celebrate the 61st Birthday of The Hulkster. Who was joined in the ring by some very special guests.

Everything was going well until Heyman and Lesnar pooped the proverbial party;

We were kind of hoping that Hulk Hogan was going to receive an 'F5' as a Birthday present from Brock, but no such luck.
Instead John Cena sprinted in to save the day;

FINAL THOUGHT: If you think Brock Lesnar really is the "Beast Incarnate", then think about this - Cena called him out TWICE in the space of an hour, but the "Beast" politely declined. Just something to consider.



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