Monday, 1 September 2014

WWE Post-SummerSlam Lull

Last week was not a great one performance-wise from the WWE in our opinion.
RAW was very poor, followed by another very poor edition of SmackDown.

The reason is fairly simple - Too many WWE Superstars were away last week.

There was no Triple H, Stephanie, Jericho, Orton, Ambrose etc.
There was no appearance from the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, because he only works part-time - So instead we were given a half-assed Lesnar/Heyman recorded promo.
This is the whole reason we didn't want Lesnar to win the title at SummerSlam. It really isn't good enough for the World champ to only appear on telly a few times a month.

As for Ambrose - Great timing for WWE to write him out, right?

Just as his rivalry with Seth Rollins was getting really interesting, he had his head driven through concrete blocks, never to be seen again (Or more accurately - So he can star in WWE Studios' film 'Lockdown').

I guess the fact he has to film for WWE Studios' is just unfortunate timing given how over he is right now.
It is just a shame to see his momentum stalled for the moment and more importantly it's a real shame WWE have dropped the only real decent feud being fought at the moment.

The main event of RAW last week was a poor showing with Cena vs Wyatt and then the impromptu six-man tag match.
As we reported in a previous blog post, it has been alleged that the ending to RAW was changed the afternoon before the show - Putting Cena over at the expense of Bray Wyatt.

Before the disappointing main event we were "treated" to two matches that should've been on Main Event...the show on the WWE Network!

Los Matadores vs Slater Gator and Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas - Should these matches REALLY have been on during the last hour of RAW? We don't think so.

It has been confirmed that Randy Orton is on Chris Jericho's highlight reel on RAW tonight, so at least we have two of the bigger names back on the show.
Surely The Authority are due back on screen soon as well? And it would be nice to have a few more matches booked for Night Of Champions, because at the moment this just feels like a post-Summerslam lull - And it really isn't fun to watch.

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