Sunday, 16 November 2014

John Cena to turn heel at Survivor Series?

Something big often happens at the Survivor Series PPV.

The debut of The Undertaker back in 1990. The devastating debut of The Shield just two years ago, back in 2012.
Heyman turning on Lesnar. The Rock turning heel on Mankind to become the Corporate Champion.
Oh and something happened in Montreal back in 1997 as well...

I fancy something big to happen this year as well. Something really big.

So. Here's my hunch;

There was a moment on RAW several weeks ago where Triple H & Stephanie McMahon offered Cena the opportunity to join the Authority. This is nothing new. In fact, we've heard it all before. But this time something feels different.
Triple H tried to get Cena to jump ship by driving a particular point home - That Cena is getting no younger and at times in recent years, he has started to slip down the pecking order.

He was nowhere near the main event of Wrestlemania this year. In fact the only reason he has been promoted back to the top of the card, is because Daniel Bryan got injured.
New guys are beginning to come through as well. The likes of Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Wyatt etc, WILL steal Cena's limelight sooner rather than later.
So I think Triple H has a point and I reckon Cena's character knows it too.

In January it is pretty much a certainty that Cena will face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Once again, for the World Heavyweight Championship.
How does Cena have any real chance of beating Lesnar? 

Simple - Join the Authority.

For the first time in a long time there is a genuine, bona fide reason for Cena to turn to the dark side; His quest to conquer the Beast and regain, what he believes, should be HIS World title. In storyline terms it certainly makes sense as Cena wants the title back more than anything and Lesnar is so difficult to beat - He basically needs all the help he can get, or he will probably fail - Again.

Surely Cena has to turn heel at some point, and now, as time ticks by on his career, is the perfect moment to make the switch. It will give his stale character a new lease of life and keep him relevant for longer.
It makes him a permanent main event player again, as opposed to just filling a Daniel Bryan shaped hole. Or keeping things ticking over until Roman Reigns becomes the company's top babyface.

With Randy Orton's recent face turn in mind - There is now a space in the Authority up for grabs.
I hope Cena grabs the opportunity and FINALLY breathes some new life into his ailing character.

To quote the man himself; "His time is now".

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