Sunday, 27 July 2014

The great Rollins/Ambrose non-event

When WWE announced that these two former Shield 'brothers' were going to square off at Battleground, I was more than a little bit surprised.

With the amount of time invested in this feud since the split of The Shield (and the heat it seems to draw), I would've thought their match would be saved for SummerSlam.

I was right.

A week on from the Battleground PPV, we all know the deal;

Ambrose couldn't wait for the bell to sound before getting his hands on Rollins. So instead he jumped him backstage until security, and more importantly, COO Triple H stepped in.

Triple H kicked Ambrose out of the building and that was that. The match was off and Rollins picked up the win via 'forfeit'.

Great for this ongoing storyline, right?

Not so great for the fans who had paid for the Battleground PPV. Made even worse by the fact it was comfortably the worst PPV of the year.

In the UK we pay just shy of £15 for a WWE PPV. Plus the network hasn't arrived here yet, so that isn't an option.

In the States, I am led to believe it is about $55 for PPV events. This is much more than us Brits pay, so my thoughts are with you guys on this one.

Put simply. It is unacceptable for the WWE to blatantly sell a PPV on the strength of a match that they know will never even take place. No other PPV sport would get away with that, without having to at least refund the paying public.

I'm sure we could have all managed to wait until SummerSlam before being offered this match. But having been offered it, and then having it denied to us, doesn't sit comfortably with me.

The final slap in the face, for the paying fans, was Rollins coming to the ring to have his arm raised in victory. Talk about rubbing it in!

Obviously this match will now take place at SummerSlam, of that we can be certain.
As a form of recompense from the WWE, I would like to see a stipulation added. Cage match, perhaps? No DQ? Falls count anywhere? Just something to give it the edge the prolonged build-up has been promising.

As for Seth and Dean; Good luck at SummerSlam. No pressure!


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